By: Todd Smith

Careers and career pathways in biotechnology

Summer is about road construction. Summer is also a good time for website construction. In that spirit, we updated Biotech Careers and added many improvements in content layout and information integration. Major updates include new layouts for content and improved ways of showing related content. Other changes and fixes improve the site's look and feel. We also improved how we ... Read more

By: Todd Smith

Biotech Companies that work on biomedical devices

One of the great features of the website is its biotechnology employer database. In, biotechnology (biotech) employers are companies and other organizations that are engaged in life sciences research, develop drugs and products, or provide services. Biotech is thus defined broadly to capture the breadth and depth of the industry. This broad definition is also used because students ... Read more


Biotech Careers web site

SEATTLE, Digital World Biology LLC ( ), a biotechnology education company, announces that it has received a $351,000 three-year grant from the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technology Education Program to advance and capabilities (award DUE 1764225). “Both websites have been invaluable resources for the biotechnology education community. Together, they’ve served nearly three million ... Read more

By: Sandra Porter

Julie Reis, a National Board Certified Science Teacher from Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco, CA, recently told us how she uses for a student career search activity. Students follow her directions, complete the worksheet information on brightly colored paper, and post their results around the classroom.

Ms. Reis has kindly made her student instructions and worksheet ... Read more