Synthetic Biology

Mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs have become resistant to pesticides. Pyrone Systems has engineered yeast to produce triacetic acid lactone (TAL), a versatile molecule that can be converted into many different products. 

Their first product is ... View the video

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By: Sandra Porter

Every photo you take,
every file you make,
every pixel you create,
every sound you fake,
every video you shake,
I’ll be storing you.

Hard drives, cloud drives, DVDs, and magnetic tape – all of these are used to store digital data but the amount of data being stored ... Read more

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Terri Quenzer, PhD
MiraCosta College

California community college students and faculty at RATC

Guest article contributed by Dr. Terri Quenzer, MiraCosta College.

Time is running out. We need to stop global warming from heating the earth’s temperature by another 1.5 °C before it’s too late. We must do this no later than 2050, preferably sooner, and we’re already late to the party.

Race Against the Clock (RATC) is a call to ... Read more

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Posted from Discovering Biology in a Digital World by Todd Smith on Mon Apr 13, 2020

Growt of bio databases 2020
NAR databases since 1996. 2019 values are highlighted in red. NAR Database List

I always look forward to the Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) database issue . Typically I cover the issue in January, but I got busy, and then a pandemic broke out, so this year I'm later than usual. Through the delay viruses ... Read more

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By: Todd Smith

One of the themes of the recent @synbiobeta #sbbsf17 annual meeting (Oct 4,5 2017) was the impact of synthetic biology on making new things or making old things in new ways. From cement to food, synthetic biology is causing people to rethink the way things are made. One of the most interesting ideas is the notion of using synthetic biology ... Read more

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By: Todd Smith

Peering into the fermenter

@synbiobeta concluded it’s #sbbsf17 annual meeting on synthetic biology Oct 5, 2017. The progress companies are making in harnessing biology as a platform for manufacturing and problem solving is world changing.

What is Synthetic Biology?

Synthetic biology is a term that is used to describe the convergence of biotechnology and engineering. The dramatic cost reduction in our ... Read more

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