A video about the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine supply chain. It was developed for a BETA Skills virtual workshop (held June 28, 2021). View the video

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By: Sandra Porter


Cyberbiosecurity is a field that aims to identify and mitigate security risks fostered by the digitization of biology and biotechnology automation.

Cybersecurity is getting a lot of attention at the moment as the consequences of the Colonial pipeline hack ripple through Eastern gas stations. Biotechnology, is not immune from these problems. With it's dependence on cyberphysical systems such as ... Read more

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By: Todd Smith

mRNA Vaccine Manufacture and Supply Chain Thumbnail

Both the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines rely on large networks of suppliers and manufacturers for successfully producing, tracking, and distributing doses. This story follows the production path and careers for the people and companies working to protect us from COVID-19. Read more

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