By: Todd Smith

Beaker containing green fluorescent protein

Many biotechnology products such as insulin, industrial enzymes, foods, vitamins, and many others are produced by biomanufacturing processes that involve fermentation. Green fluorescent protein (GFP) is a common model system because it is easy to follow through the process, hence it has become the "Hello World" of biomanufacturing. Read more

By: Todd Smith

3D Bioprinter

Biomedical devices combine bio-engineering with medical devices. They can be developed by integrating biomaterials into classical medical devices or be entirely biology derived as in the cases of personalized immunotherapies and regenerative medicine. Biomedical devices are ushering in a new era of biotechnology job demand. Read more

By: Todd Smith

Automated pipetting

Biotechnology manufacturing is changing from a one-size-fits-all paradigm to single batches of individualized therapeutics and tissues that are tailored to individuals. The new manufacturing processes require large numbers of technicians, which is increasing biotech employment opportunities. The Skills for Biomedical Emerging Technology Applications (NSF-ATE DUE #1800909) is a three-year endeavor to develop education recommendations for the next generation ... Read more