This article was written by Eric Devlin, Montgomery County Community College.  Mr. Devlin also contributed the photos. The photos and text in this article are used with his permission.

MCCC graduates

Montgomery County Community College Biotechnology Program alumni are among the researchers on the front line against the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve helped develop an antibody that’s used to detect the virus in patient testing samples.

Alumni Amber Sawyer, Sean Heron and Seethal Meda are employees at the Limerick Township-based Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. , which earlier this year, developed the ... Read more

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Posted from Discovering Biology in a Digital World by Todd Smith on Tue Jul 10, 2018

Infographic: BCRs vs TCRs

Scientists, and science editors love acronyms. While they can be obfuscating, they help reduce cumbersome language.

For many years the term antibody was commonly abbreviated as Ab (Ig and others too). As high-throughput DNA sequencing has become a standard way to measure antibody and T cell receptor profiles it has also become common to compare these ... Read more

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