Technical Skills

Be able to use a fork lift to safely move materials from one place to another.

Plant care involves propagating, feeding, watering, and potting plants.  Plant care also involves observing plants and noticing changes that might indicate disease or poor health.

Use a data set to understand and draw conclusions about a sample.  The analysis may include graphing, statistics, and presenting work in tables.

Be able to purify and properly store antibodies and perform a variety of techniques where antibodies are used.

Use an inverted, standard, and fluorescent microscope for examining and counting cells.

Use bulk dispensing to fill vials with sterile drug product.

Use ultra filtration during biopharmaceutical manufacturing to separate particulate matter from soluble materials.

Use an analytical balance or scale to determine the weight of a sample.

Be able to follow standard operating procedures for preparing samples.

Perform mathematical calculations, including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, ratios, and percentages. Must be able to use proportions, understand orders of magnitude, convert units, and use dimensional analysis.