Precast Gel & Buffer Production Technician

San Diego CA 92126
Organization: Embi Tec
Application due date: 
Mon December 31, 2018
Position Type: Job

Lab technician sought for Embi Tec, a San Diego biotech company. Ideal candidate values attention to precise details and efficient production. Practical chemistry and biology laboratory skills are a must. Position offers opportunity to test new production methodologies and equipment.

Job duties:

  • Plan and make precast gels, buffer and other consumables to meet daily orders in a timely, efficient and accurate manner
  • Packaging of precast gels, buffer, consumables and other dry goods
  • Assisting in testing of new production methodologies and equipment
  • Keeping production work area clean and professional

Job Requirements:

  • Speaks English
  • Proficient verbal communication skill
  • Knowledge of chemical and biology terms, scientific units of dimensions and measurements
  • Good, practical laboratory skills for chemistry and biological reagents

Education and background:

  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Associates Degree with courses in chemistry, biology and biotech or BS in biology and chemistry

To apply, please send your application to [email protected]

Associates degree