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What is it like to work in a biotechnology lab?

We interviewed community college grads to learn more about their work and hear about a typical day on the job.

If you graduated from a community college biotech program, we'd love to hear from you, too! Contact us to share your story!

Veronica Benites works for Cel Analytical analyzing potable, recreational, and waste water.  She shared her insights about her work and education.  Read more

Cagney Coomer has been working as a sequencing technician at the University of Kentucky Advanced Genetic Technologies Center (AGTC).  We asked Cagney about her work and her training.  Read more

Milana Cypert, Research Associate at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), describes her work and shares a typical day.  Read more

Jessica Zabloski, Research Associate at Bioo Scientific Corp. tells us about making ELISA kits.  Read more

Suchitra Ramani, Research Associate at Bioo Scientific Corp. describes her work and shares a typical day.  Read more

We talked with Desiree' Martin, a Senior Research Associate at Bioo Scientific Corp.  Desiree' works with immunochemistry and molecular biology.  She produces antibodies, purifies these proteins, and conducts experiments to see how well the antibodies work.  Read more

Elizabeth Stahl is a laboratory intern at Valero Renewable Fuels.  She talked to us about her position as an intern working in biofuels.  Read more

Austin Storck has been working as an intern at Mirius Bio LLC.  We asked Austin some questions about his work and his training.  Read more

Kasey Shuster is the Biotechnology Outreach Coordinator at Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah. We asked Kasey a few questions about the type of work he does and the preparation required.  Read more