Renewable Energy and Bioproducts Technician

German works on renewable energy and bioproducts and is completing his Masters degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

1.  Where did you attend college and what degree did you complete?
I completed a Biotechnology Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Biotechnology at Madison College in Wisconsin.

2.  What do you currently do (what is your job or what educational program are you attending)? Please elaborate on your career pathway or education after finishing your college program.
Since I graduated from Madison College, I have been working at the Wisconsin Energy Institute-Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center through UW-Madison. My research focuses on renewable energy and bioproducts. This fall, I additionally began pursuing a Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

3. What are some lab techniques that you commonly use? Any favorites?
Some of the lab skills that I learned at Madison College that have really come in handy in my research include cell culture and chromatography techniques.

4.  How has your Biotech program/certificate helped you in your current position?
The Biotechnology Post-baccalaureate Certificate program was key for my professional career. The knowledge and techniques learned are applied constantly at my workplace. Additionally, as an international student, this certificate provided me with experience in taking classes in English and prepared me for future educational/professional pursuits in the USA.

5. What advice would you give someone who is interested in a biotech career?
I would advise someone interested in a biotech career to pursue any of the Biotechnology programs offered at Madison College, as I had a great educational experience. The program offers extensive hands-on training and professors/laboratory managers are very qualified and willing to help you learn. Also, the class sizes are usually small which allows constant interaction with your professor and classmates.