Marine Science Technician

Selena Alvarado is a Marine Science Technician with the United States Coast Guard.

Where did you attend college?
Catawba College, NC

What degree or certificate(s) do you hold?
I majored in Biology and minored in Psychology. Over the summers, I volunteered for my local sea turtle patrol and assisted in genetic testing for the nests we surveyed.

Where are you currently working?
I now am in the process of joining the US Coast Guard where I will be a marine science technician.

What is your job title?
Marine Science Technician

What you do for your job?
In the coast guard I will specialize in enforcing federal maritime laws for marine safety, marine security, and environmental protection.

What helped you the most in starting a biotechnology career?
Earning the BACE helped me complete my science courses. With my background knowledge I was able to complete my degree and help my classmates..

What do you like best about this career?
I love helping my environment, this job will allow me to protect our wildlife and hopefully clean our oceans.

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