Glass Washer

Glass Washers are responsible for washing and drying glassware and distributing it to the appropriate locations within laboratories.

Fast Facts & Skills


Education & Training: 

Employers generally hire people with a high school diploma or some college.   This is a great job for students that want to work in the Biotechnology industry while getting a higher degree.  

Common requirements and abilities:

  • Be observant
  • Strong communication skills

Researchers rely heavily on the sterile laboratory glassware in their experiments. A glass washer must handle and clean glassware properly to insure usefulness in the laboratory. 

Glass Washers are often responsible for related tasks such as collecting and distributing glassware, cleaning and sterilizing glassware and storing and inventorying glassware. These tasks require a working knowledge of research in order to determine what items will be needed.  When the experiments are finished, the glass washer collects the dirty glassware from the laboratories.  The glass washer must take great care to properly dispose of liquids and chemicals used in experiments.

A Biotechnology Glass Washer may also sterilize glassware and other items by using an autoclave or a high temperature washer.  Additional treatments with  different chemicals and solutions may be required as well.  A good knowledge of chemistry is needed to know how to clean different items, based on their use in the laboratory.  After cleaning, the glass washer will store and inventory items.  They must be very organized and able to keep good records. 

Biotechnology Glass Washers may be responsible for ordering laboratory glassware as needed to replace old or broken items. 

Alternative job titles:  Manufacturing Associate, Formulation Associate, Lab services (Glass wash technician)

Where to Work and Learn

Example Employers: 

InnovATEBIO programs offer degrees, certificates, or teach skills in these related areas.