Bioprocessing is another way to describe biomanufacturing.  This area includes the design and development of methods and equipment for manufacturing products from biological materials.  The products that are made include cosmetics, fuel, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, nutraceuticals, polymers, paper, food, and animal feed.

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Biofuel technicians carry out the laboratory work involved in producing biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel.

Biofuel technicians work with fermenters, distillation, grain preparation, algae culture, oil chemistry, and separations technology.

They can work ... Read more

Cell culture technicians grow living cells in culture flasks, bioreactors, plates and other kinds of containers.  The types of cells they grow can come from plants or animals.  Sometimes cell culture technicians start cultures directly from tissues such as umbilical cords or tumor biopsies.   ... Read more

Downstream processes are those in  which the products are harvested, tested, purified and packaged.

Upstream processes are those in which biological materials are either obtained from an outside source or inoculated and grown in culture, under controlled conditions, to manufacture ... Read more

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The requirements of "good communication skills" and "comfortable working in a multidisciplinary setting" on a biotech job listing are common, but what do these mean in practice? For work in biotech, there's often more than meets the eye in a job posting.

Biotechnology is an inherently multidisciplinary field, now more so than ever. A single lab can employ personnel ... Read more

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