Biofuels are substances such as diesel and ethanol that are purified from natural sources and used as fuel.  Sources of biofuels include algae, corn, and switchgrass.

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Biofuel technicians carry out the laboratory work involved in producing biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel.

Biofuel technicians work with fermenters, distillation, grain preparation, algae culture, oil chemistry, and separations technology.

They can work ... Read more

These positions are also known by other names such as laboratory support worker, clean room technician, cleaning technician, glasswasher, laboratory helper, laboratory aide, and equipment preparation technician. Generally only a high school diploma is required but an individual ... Read more

These are entry-level positions for people with a high school diploma. Other titles for this position are aseptic fill assistant, cell culture and fermentation assistant, cell lab operator, manufacturing operator, media preparation assistant, packaging and filling inspector, production assistant ... Read more

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@synbiobeta concluded it’s #sbbsf17 annual meeting on synthetic biology Oct 5, 2017. The progress companies are making in harnessing biology as a platform for manufacturing and problem solving is world changing.

What is Synthetic Biology?

Synthetic biology is a term that is used to describe the convergence of biotechnology and engineering. The dramatic cost ... Read more

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Dallas Hanks, a graduate student at Utah State University, and Bioenergy Agronomist with Blue Cow, Inc., tells us about growing non-traditional crops for biofuels.

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Learn about making biofuels from algae and career opportunities.

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Students travel to biotechnology centers in North Carolina to learn how biotechnology can help solve global problems.

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