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Organization City Business Area(s) Description
Shivom München Block Chain Shivom is creating a genomics ecosystem on the blockchain.
Omega Bio-tek Norcross DNA Preparation, RNA Prep Omega Bio-tek manufactures a complete line of DNA/RNA isolation kits utilizing magnetic beads and silica filter technology for both high throughput facilities and individual labs.
Analome St. Louis Data Analysis, Bioinformatics, Regulatory Consulting Analome is dedicated to accelerating scientific discovery with experienced bioinformatics. Analome's partnerships frees their clients from the burden of maintaining private bioinformatics efforts.
Good Food Institute Washington DC Synthetic Biology, Consulting, Marketing Provides marketing, design, legal, business, media, and other support to a select number of early-stage companies producing clean and plant-based products.
60 Degrees Pharma Washington, D.C. Therapeutics 60° Pharmaceuticals (60P) was founded in 2010 to treat tropical diseases


Organization City Business Area(s) Description
NSF International Dutch Harbor Regulatory Consulting Founded in 1944, NSF International's mission is to protect and improve global human health.
Denali Biotechnologies Homer Nutritional supplements, Nutraceuticals, Natural Products The company produces nutritional supplements from wild Alaskan berries.


Organization City Business Area(s) Description
Agenta Biotechnologies Birmingham Therapeutics Custom Proteoglycan Therapies
Aptalis (Allergan) Birmingham Small Molecules Small Molecules
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Birmingham Small Molecules Small Molecules
BioGx Birmingham Assays, Lab Supplies
Circulogene Theranostics Birmingham Liquid Biopsy Circulogene's “liquid biopsy” is based on the discovery that as tumors grow, they also die, releasing their DNA into the bloodstream. Circulogene's liquid biopsy tumor DNA sequencing is the only test
DiscoveryBioMed Birmingham Drug Discovery custom human cell engineering and_human cell-based drug discovery
Evonik Industries Birmingham Biomaterials Biomaterials
Gem Pharmaceuticals Birmingham Small Molecules Anthracyclines for Cancer, Inflammation & Infectious Diseases
Soluble Therapeutics Birmingham Proteomics Protein formulation technology
SouthernBiotech Birmingham Antibodies Research Antibodies
University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham University UAB has transformed from its modest beginnings as an extension center into a doctoral research university and academic medical center
Vivo BioSciences Birmingham Assays 3D bioassays for drug discovery
Bonenta (Agenta) Cahaba Heights Regenerative Medicine, Bone drug-eluting synthetic bone grafts
Rheumatology Associates of Northern Alabama Florence Clinical Research Clinical Research
GeneCapture Hunstville Diagnostics, Microbiology GeneCapture is developing a portable instrument to screen for hundreds of pathogens within an hour, for less than $20.
Celsion Huntsville Oncology Heat-Activated Liposomal Technology, Oncology
CFD Research Corporation Huntsville Medical Devices, Antibiotics, Synthetic Biology The Life Sciences team at CFD Research Corporation creates new concepts, designs, and prototypes for military medicine and biomedical applications.
Diatherix Laboratories (Eurofins) Huntsville Infectious Disease A unique laboratory providing accurate and actionable results in one day for infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance genes utilizing innovative molecular technologies, including proprietary TEM
Hudson-Alpha Institute Education and Outreach Huntsville Education HudsonAlpha is inspiring and preparing society to embrace and use genomic information in their healthcare and agriculture. The Educational Outreach team is helping create a workforce for life science
iCubate Huntsville Molecular Diagnostics, PCR Cubate is a molecular diagnostic company with a novel multiplex polymerase chain reaction (mPCR) technology; an integrated platform for automated sample preparation, amplification and detection – the
iXpressGenes Huntsville Proteomics Protein services, contract RD
Kailos Genetics Huntsville Genetic Testing Founded in 2010, Kailos is a trusted provider of personalized health information. The company is dedicated to making gene-based healthcare available to YOU by using information learned from the Human
Nektar Therapeutics Huntsville Small Molecules, Biologics Small Molecules, Biologics
Par Pharmaceutical Huntsville Generics Generic Small Molecules
Qualitest Pharmaceuticals (Endo) Huntsville Generics Generics
Rheumatology Associates of Northern Alabama Huntsville Clinical Research Clinical Research
Serina Therapeutics Huntsville Small Molecules Small Molecules attached to a polymer
US Diagnostics Huntsville Drug Testing Drug Testing
H2-Pharma Montgomery Generics Generics
Kowa Pharmaceuticals (Alfresa Group) Montgomery Small Molecules Small Molecules
Midlothian Labs Montgomery Generics Generics
Envigo Prattville Animal Models, Biopharmaceuticals, Contract Research, Chemistry, Veterinary, Agriculture Provides products and research services for the development of biopharmaceuticals, chemicals, and crop protection agents.


Organization City Business Area(s) Description
US Compounding Conway Drug Delivery Compounded Drugs
Boston Mountain Biotech Fayetteville Microbiology Bacterial Cell Lines
Zystein Fayetteville Drug Delivery, Nanoparticles, Reagents Zystein offers alternative healthcare products made only from all-natural materials. They also offer reagents that can encapsulate active ingredients, drugs, and vaccines.
Applied Research Center Little Rock Clinical Research Clinical Research
InterveXion Therapeutics Little Rock Vaccines Methamphetamine vaccine
Biotechnical Services North Little Rock Contract Research Contract Research
Safe Foods North Little Rock Food Safe Foods exists to ensure a safer food supply for the world. We partner with our clients to reduce food-borne pathogens, meet and exceed regulatory requirements, extend foodÕs safe shelf-life, and
Blansett Pharmacal Sherwood Skin Skin treatments
ImmunoVision (Erba Diagnostics) Springdale Autoimmunity Autoimmune Reagents
NOWDiagnostics Springdale NOWDiagnostics' ADEXUSDx® product line features a lab at your fingertip, using a drop of blood to test for a variety of conditions, illnesses, and diseases with results in a matter of minutes.


Organization City Business Area(s) Description
BCR Diagnostics Chandler Diagnostics Diagnostic technologies
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