Bicycle Therapeutics


Bicycles are a new therapeutic modality combining the attributes of antibodies, small molecules and peptides within one molecule. Bicycles exhibit the affinity and selective pharmacology usually associated with an antibody, the distribution kinetics of a small molecule, allowing rapid extravasation and tumour penetration, and the “tuneable” pharmacokinetic half-life and renal clearance of a peptide, sparing liver and gastrointestinal toxicity often seen with other drug modalities.

Bicycles are highly constrained bicyclic peptides, typically between 9 and 15 amino acids in size. The structural constraint, delivered using a variety of proprietary molecular scaffolds, results in molecules with antibody-like target specificity and high affinity as demonstrated by the company’s generation of multiple molecules with sub-nanomolar affinity against diverse targets and target classes (including: enzymes, proteases, receptors, GPCRs, surface ligands and secreted proteins). 

UK based company, office in US

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