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Updated: 2 hours 16 min ago

Trump’s Health Officials Warn More Will Die as Covid Cases Rise

6 hours 3 min ago
They struck a sober note on Sunday’s news programs, strongly urging the vast majority of people in hard-hit cities and states to wear masks and avoid large gatherings.

Coronavirus Live Updates: Florida Tops U.S. Record With Over 15,000 New Cases

8 hours 37 min ago
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos pushes for U.S. schools to reopen. Trump wears a mask publicly for the first time. And India’s latest surge includes a top Bollywood star.

Man, 30, Dies After Attending a ‘Covid Party,’ Texas Hospital Says

8 hours 39 min ago
“I thought this was a hoax,” the man told his nurse, a hospital official said.

Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump Wears Mask Publicly for First Time

11 hours 42 min ago
Louisiana’s governor orders bars to close. A flare-up in Pittsburgh offers a cautionary tale. And India records more than 28,000 new cases, with a top Bollywood star among those infected.

Coronavirus Live Updates: Latest News and Analysis

Sat, 07/11/2020 - 05:24
Teachers across the United States feel under pressure as schools are pushed to reopen in the fall. India is imposing new measures as outbreaks spread in several areas.

Scientists Say You Can Cancel the Noise but Keep Your Window Open

Sat, 07/11/2020 - 02:00
Researchers in Singapore developed a system that’s sort of like noise-canceling headphones for your whole apartment.

Grizzly Bears Around Yellowstone Can Stay on Endangered Species List, Court Rules

Fri, 07/10/2020 - 17:59
The decision by a federal appeals court protects about 700 bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem from being hunted.

Britain Gambles on a Bankrupt Satellite Operator, OneWeb

Fri, 07/10/2020 - 13:49
Pushed by Brexit, the U.K. government will have a platform to expand into the space business.

A Rescue Plan for the Planet? Watch Our Debate Here.

Fri, 07/10/2020 - 12:32
A virtual event with eight speakers and one question: Has Covid-19 created a blueprint for combating climate change?

She’s an Authority on Earth’s Past. Now, Her Focus Is the Planet’s Future.

Fri, 07/10/2020 - 12:11
The climate scientist Maureen Raymo is leading the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia. She has big plans for science, and diversity, too.

Why We Still Don’t Know Enough About Covid-19 and Pregnancy

Fri, 07/10/2020 - 10:49
More than six months into the pandemic there’s still a lot we don’t know about how the coronavirus affects pregnant women and babies.

Lockdowns Spared Millions of Animals From Becoming Roadkill, Researchers Say

Fri, 07/10/2020 - 10:21
The number of wild animals killed by vehicle traffic was down as much as 45 percent in Maine and 21 percent in California, according to a U.C. Davis report.

Beyond the Milky Way, a Galactic Wall

Fri, 07/10/2020 - 08:24
Astronomers have discovered a vast assemblage of galaxies hidden behind our own, in the “zone of avoidance.”

Sutter Health’s Request to Delay $575 Million Settlement Is Denied

Fri, 07/10/2020 - 07:23
The large California hospital system wanted to postpone an agreement reached in a state antitrust case, as coronavirus cases rise.

Coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. Nears 60,000 New Daily Cases

Fri, 07/10/2020 - 05:21
The country recorded its sixth single-day record in 10 days with almost 60,000 cases on Thursday. U.S. immigration officials have helped spread the virus, a Times investigation found.

What Happens When You’re Disabled but Nobody Can Tell

Fri, 07/10/2020 - 02:00
The author and clinical psychologist Andrew Solomon examines the disabilities that ramps and reserved parking spots don’t address.

NOAA Officials Feared Firings After Trump’s Hurricane Claims, Inspector General Says

Thu, 07/09/2020 - 14:52
The report found White House pressure led to NOAA’s rebuke of forecasters who contradicted Mr. Trump’s inaccurate claim that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama.

The Coronavirus Can Be Airborne Indoors, W.H.O. Says

Thu, 07/09/2020 - 13:16
The agency also explained more directly that people without symptoms may spread the virus. The acknowledgments should have come sooner, some experts said.

This Ancient Sea Creature Builds Its Body With a Whisper, not a Scream

Thu, 07/09/2020 - 11:00
Unlike vertebrate embryo cells, which signal to each other over long distances, sea squirt embryo cells talk only to those they’re closest to.

Northern Right Whales Are on the Brink, and Trump Could Be Their Last Hope

Thu, 07/09/2020 - 06:51
The species was declared critically endangered on Thursday, with fewer than 450 left.