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Organization City Business Area(s) Description
Agenta Biotechnologies Birmingham Therapeutics Custom Proteoglycan Therapies
Aptalis (Allergan) Birmingham Small Molecules Small Molecules
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Birmingham Small Molecules Small Molecules
DiscoveryBioMed Birmingham Drug Discovery custom human cell engineering and_human cell-based drug discovery
Evonik Industries Birmingham Biomaterials Biomaterials
Gem Pharmaceuticals Birmingham Small Molecules Anthracyclines for Cancer, Inflammation & Infectious Diseases
Soluble Therapeutics Birmingham Proteomics Protein formulation technology
SouthernBiotech Birmingham Antibodies Research Antibodies
Vivo BioSciences Birmingham Assays 3D bioassays for drug discovery
Bonenta (Agenta) Cahaba Heights Regenerative Medicine, Bone drug-eluting synthetic bone grafts
Rheumatology Associates of Northern Alabama Florence Clinical Research Clinical Research
Celsion Huntsville Oncology Heat-Activated Liposomal Technology, Oncology
iXpressGenes Huntsville Proteomics Protein services, contract RD
Nektar Therapeutics Huntsville Small Molecules, Biologics Small Molecules, Biologics
Par Pharmaceutical Huntsville Generics Generic Small Molecules
Qualitest Pharmaceuticals (Endo) Huntsville Generics Generics
Rheumatology Associates of Northern Alabama Huntsville Clinical Research Clinical Research
Serina Therapeutics Huntsville Small Molecules Small Molecules attached to a polymer
US Diagnostics Huntsville Drug Testing Drug Testing
H2-Pharma Montgomery Generics Generics
Kowa Pharmaceuticals (Alfresa Group) Montgomery Small Molecules Small Molecules
Midlothian Labs Montgomery Generics Generics
Envigo Prattville Animal Models, Biopharmaceuticals, Contract Research, Chemistry, Animal Health Provides products and research services for the development of biopharmaceuticals, chemicals, and crop protection agents.


Organization City Business Area(s) Description
US Compounding Conway Drug Delivery Compounded Drugs
Boston Mountain Biotech Fayetteville Microbiology Bacterial Cell Lines
Zystein Fayetteville Drug Delivery Encapsulate active ingredients, drugs, vaccines
Applied Research Center Little Rock Clinical Research Clinical Research
InterveXion Therapeutics Little Rock Vaccines Methamphetamine vaccine
Biotechnical Services North Little Rock Contract Research Contract Research
Blansett Pharmacal Sherwood Skin Care Skin treatments
ImmunoVision (Erba Diagnostics) Springdale Autoimmunity Autoimmune Reagents


Organization City Business Area(s) Description
BCR Diagnostics Chandler Diagnostics Diagnostic technologies
Insys Therapeutics Chandler Drug Delivery Drug Delivery
Radiant Research Chandler Clinical Research Clinical Research
Gore Medical Flagstaff Medical Devices Medical & Surgical Devices
Machine Solutions (Vante) Flagstaff Devices Device Manufacturing
PathoGene Flagstaff Molecular Diagnostics Molecular Diagnostics
SenesTech Flagstaff Agriculture, Animal Health Animal Reproductive Management
Desert Sweet Biofuels Gila Bend Biofuels, Algae Aquaculture for algae and shrimp production.
Heliae Gilbert Algae, Nutritional supplements, Agriculture Makes products from algae, for human nutrition (astaxanthin) and agriculture (PhycoTerra™).
Sanofi Oro Valley Small Molecules Small Molecules
AmeRuss Phoenix Clinical Trials Services Clinical Trials
Arizona Research Center Phoenix Clinical Research Clinical Research
Caris Life Sciences Phoenix Diagnostics Diagnostics
Celgene Phoenix Small Molecules Small Molecules
Precision Trials Phoenix Clinical Research Clinical Research
Premier Research Group Phoenix Clinical Research Clinical Research
Redpoint Research Phoenix Clinical Research Clinical Research
Avant Diagnostics Scottsdale Diagnostics Cancer diagnostics
Hope Pharmaceuticals Scottsdale Therapeutics Cyanide Poisoning Treatment